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DAN HINTON, Denver, Colorado

At an early age, I began creating images as designs on paper, rough carvings in wood, stacking or arranging stones, always drawing or attempting to duplicate what my eye could see in order to capture…not necessarily an exact image, but an idea… with a feeling.

Creating various forms of art became what I am - not what I do, and is as important to my life as much as breathing. I draw, paint, sculpt, carve or write in calligraphy during some part of each day because it is so ingrained in my Way of living.

My own experiences in creating ideas or design, whether cutting stone, illustrating, carving wood, grinding steel or creating a custom piece of jewelry thus far, have been just that – learning experiences (and still learning), through practice and change. In seeing and experiencing these changes in my own ‘Being’, in my work, style and techniques, it is and will continue to be an ever evolving process. As in the Zen Buddhist axiom, “Being is always becoming” and with my creations – I also like to say: “Nature (always) participates in the design.” In any of my art works, I have found this to be true.

There is no intention on my part with any of my art pieces, whether it be sculpture, illustrated creations, metal or wood work - to define the work as either Realist, Abstract or Surrealistic art forms. Since Nature always participates in the design, the creation becomes what nature provides me. Why would one try to define that? I just create!

In Gratitude: Thank you for visiting my website to view my assorted art disciplines and read about how the different types of art are created. Through these fine art disciplines, it is my hope to continue inspiring myself, other artists in the world as well as people who do not feel any inclination to artistic ability within themselves, yet appreciate the art works shared by artists of the world!
I say - “Draw, paint, color or sculpt something…..EVERYDAY! Have fun too!
I also offer gratitude to those people in my life who inspired my art work and continue to inspire over the years.
In memoriam: thanks to my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Blasse who provided my initial art inspiration in use of color and trying different media such as pastel and watercolor. Also in memoriam - to my dear friend Peter V. Green, nuclear physicist, mathematician, and his brilliant two-dimensional ‘Magnetic ‘Solar Art’ and for spurring my interest to carve Colorado Yule Marble.
Great thanks to my early art teachers Illana Vigil, Toni Drake, pottery artist Maria Martinez of San Idelefonso Pueblo, New Mexico & Georgia O’Keefe in Abiquiu, New Mexico, (both of whom I briefly met when I was very young). The art works from the following artists have also provided me with inspiration: Rance Hood, Frank Howell, stone sculptors Doug Scott and Pete ‘Fritz’ Felton and Tom Mazzullo for silverpoint illustration.

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