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7” X 10” (18cm. X 25.5cm.)
Bull Elk_2011:
8.5” X 14” (21.5cm. X 35.5cm.)
Red Tail Hawk_2011:
13.5” X 17.5” (34cm. X 44cm.)
Red Tail Hawk (detail)_2011:
13.5” X 17.5” (34cm. X 44cm.)
Snowy Owl_2011:
9” X 13.5’” (23cm. X 34cm.)
Sea Turtle_2011:
8” X 11” (22cm. X 28cm.)

Watercolor Painting:
This website also exhibits some of my watercolor paintings. I truly enjoy painting in watercolor because each painting is always a difficult exercise for me. The challenge of watercolor painting is the tendency to ‘over-paint’ or control what happens with the color, especially as the paint is drying or after it dries.
Watercolor painting provides some interesting, subtle and unique tonal variations that continually amaze me by the effects produced. This medium is also fairly portable for me and I have been able to occasionally paint “au plein air”, though painting outdoors in nature provides additional unique challenges. Some of the rose watercolor paintings you see on this website were painted thus.

Blue Jay_2011: 7” X 10” (18cm. X 25.5cm.)  

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